About Billionaire Monk Spaces

BILLIONAIRE MONK SPACES is one of the top interior designers in India who believe that architecture and design can make a real difference. Their talent for creating spectacular homes shines through in the areas in which we spend most of our time.

State-of-the-art experience and exceptional service are our passions. With our complete integrated service, we take care of the design, plans, 2D/3D computer designs, and anything else related to interiors so that our customers can relax. 

The continuous search for surprising design solutions, the attention to current trends, the innovations in furniture design, and the ability to understand and deepen one’s perception and understanding of the original flavor of each style of furniture are the fundamental cornerstones around which all the work carried out every day revolves. 

Adding beauty to your space is the specialty of our Design team. Designing your home to fit your lifestyle and unveil its hidden potential comes first to our designers. No matter what you need, from an interior execution to 3D computer design, renovation, or an addition to an existing space, BILLIONAIRE MONK SPACES is the name you can trust!

What do we do?


Our surroundings influence everything we do. A relaxed interior soothes our minds and provides us the feeling of warmth and oneness that every one of us craves in this busy world. Imagine coming from a busy day of work surrounded by sophisticated interiors full of positivity and calmness. That is what we aim to provide to our customers. Interior designing helps bring versatility to your living space, be it your office, home, or balcony. We offer our services keeping in mind our dream place and give our best to bring the idea into reality with our latest technology, pieces of equipment, and elements. Moreover, we educate ourselves with the latest ongoing trend in Interiors and related services regularly, in case our customers wholly rely on us from planning to execution of their space. We provide various services for different environments like hotels, offices, corporate homes, residential homes, restaurants, and many more.

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