Arched Pergola

Through the canopy of this 10′ x 10′ Arched Pergola, you can enjoy the outside weather and the sunshine that comes through the roof. This rust-resistant steel pergola has been constructed with a polyester material that is resistant to weather conditions. Designed for quick weather changes, the retractable canopy has an easy-sliding design that can easily be retracted. A polyester pergola cover is also UV-protected and water-repellent, which ensures that you and your guests will be protected from the sun and bad weather. It is possible to use this classic pergola design for various purposes so that you can put it to several different uses. This area combines a classic archway roof design and a modern archway roof design, which is ideal for reading, relaxing, and preparing food. Due to its ability to be pulled from either side, the sliding shade is very convenient for use and maintenance.

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